<p><em></em></p><p><strong>Require special materials? We can provide them</strong></p>

Require special materials? We can provide them

Various materials. Always of the highest quality.

For the production of our precision parts, we only use selected materials under strict quality regulations. We store major materials in (almost) all dimensions - in the event of special requests, we can always respond quickly with efficient raw material suppliers.

For the completion and assembly of components , we also integrate customer components, on request. All special parts such as rotating parts or plastic parts can be integrated in our procurement process.

We offer these materials, among others:

  • Spring steel wires according to EN 10270-1 (DIN 17223/1) in SL / SM / SH / DM and DH grades, also with special surfaces (galvanized / Bezinal, Crapal etc.)
  • Oil circuit Hardened spring and valve spring wires to EN 10270-2 (DIN 17223/2) unalloyed (FDC / TDC / VDC), alloyed (FDSiCr / TDSiCr / VDSiCr) and to special specifications and several manufacturer standards
  • Stainless spring wires according to EN 10270-3 (DIN 17224)) and spring strips according to EN 10151 (DIN 17224) W.-Nr. 1.4310 / 1.4401 / 1.4568 / W.-Nr. 1.4571
  • Spring steel strips in the grades C60 - C101 according to EN 10140
  • Cold-rolled strip in different grades, e.g. DC01 - DC04 according to EN 10140
  • Stainless steel in special grades, such as Sandvik Springflex, Garba 177 PH and Garba Supreme
  • Wires and strips, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, bronze and brass in all grades
  • Special materials such as duratherm, hastelloy, inconel, nimonic, titanium, etc.
  • Heating wires
  • and other materials, including customer-supplied materials