<p><em></em></p><p><strong>Whatever form it needs to be: We'll turn it around for you in no time</strong></p>

Whatever form it needs to be: We'll turn it around for you in no time

Shank / Mold / Torsion Springs

The Subtil-Group manufactures torsion springs for any design.

Spiral springs or torsion springs are flexural stress springs, which have a linear characteristic. The product is created from spring wires with round, flat, square or profiled sections.

We have a variety of powerful coiling machines available in all size ranges.

All machines are equipped with either laser or camera testing.

The possible variety of shapes in this product range is almost endless: For the benefit of our customers, we use the latest manufacturing technologies - coupled with smart tooling solutions and the technical expertise we have in this sector as a preferred partner.

Due to our CNC machine technology with up to 24 CNC axes almost every imaginable spring design and shank shape can be produced. Wires are manufactured in diameters from 0.20 mm to max. 12 mm, round and profile materials and these come in all spring materials and special alloys.