<p><em></em></p><p><strong>We've also been asked which sleeve: We put that the easy way</strong></p>

We've also been asked which sleeve: We put that the easy way

Spring Sleeves / Plunger Sleeves

We manufacture precision spring sleeves for high-quality applications and realize the possibilities of micro assemblies for limited package situations.

Our parts are used in many ways including as locking and positioning elements, in rotary and toggle switches or control elements.

Our locking and spring sleeves have an excellent haptics and acoustics, as well as a long service life for all materials used.

And of course, we manufacture according to customer wishes; with different materials and coatings, with flexible wire texture on the diameter and length, in a simple sleeve geometry or as a double sleeve.

We can currently finish pieces with core diameters 2-6 mm in spring lengths 5-50 mm for you. This, and even more, upon request. Thanks to the precision manufacturing through complete automation, our products are also suitable in large quantities for high-quality applications.

In the area of home appliances and automotive interior sector alone, the annual demand for these products is quickly growing at several million products per year...