<p><em></em></p><p><strong>We follow a model for conscious action</strong></p>

We follow a model for conscious action

Our Mission - Continous expertise:

We are a medium-sized and owner-operated German family business. Our decisions and actions are therefore not a product of short-term profit thinking - but are influenced by continuity, entrepreneurial foresight and sustainability.

We manufacture highly specialized efficient spring solutions and individual support services for customers throughout the world. Our products are used for holding and the application of forces as well as storage of potential energy. They thus contribute to greater comfort and safety in numerous consumer products; often called "invisible"- but technically and economically, they are hardly an unnecessary element.

Global markets and increasing competition increase the demand for innovative, cost-effective ideas. We respond to these market challenges with the three pillars of our business philosophy: innovation, automation and creativity.

We have many years of product and process expertise, employ highly qualified, motivated and flexible staff and orient ourselves fully towards the benefits of the customer: In this way, we have been able to achieve and maintain a leading position in the world markets in our core business areas.

Our Vision - International expansion:

We want to maintain this position in the long term and sustain our expansion. We want to provide efficient, convincing products in international markets, particularly in spring applications in the automotive industry, electrical engineering and other demanding applications - and become the leading solution providers in the long term.

First-class quality combined with efficient, cost-effective production methods are the core elements for the further development of our company. The requirements for flexibility and product availability are increasing - that's why we work with our customers at a higher level throughout the entire supply chain.

In addition to European markets, we intend to increasingly meet the challenges of strategic customers in the markets of North America, Asia, and southern and eastern Europe. Through the steady generation of customer value, we want to continue growing and increase our corporate value, thus contributing to the sustainable protection of our group of companies and their locations.

Our principles - For a succesful business:

Our corporate principles summarize how our employees are to behave and conduct themselves in order to achieve these objectives. The customer is always the focal point: We want to help you be successful. Customer orientation with simultaneous employee and shareholder satisfaction is therefore the fundamental motive for our actions.

Only with motivation and qualification we can meet our high standards. Ensuring this while continually improving is both a management task and an individual requirement. Flexibility and willingness to perform are the conditions for achieving our corporate goals. This is not only evident in how we treat our customers - but also in speaking with our superiors, peers and subordinates.
Every employee has the company's confidence in dealing with valuable materials and finances. At the same time, each individual is encouraged to do this responsibly - as if it were his or her own property. Cost-conscious thought and action is therefore a prerequisite for a trusting relationship.

We believe in a holistic understanding of quality, in which a satisfied customer is the only thing that counts at the end of the process. The term quality not only applies for flawless products, but is also a measure of our entire company's performance.

Only when we act as a team can we be strong in the market. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to contribute his or her full professional and social potential and creativity to achieving mutual success. Thanks to our teamwork and global network thinking, we ensure our customers' success.

We act conscientiously towards our employees, society and the environment and make our products and services to help improve quality of life. The health and safety of our employees, along with the protection of the environment, always take priority over economic interests in the provision of our services.

We treat everyone fairly and respect each other. We always seek an open and trusting dialogue - within the company and with our business partners.