<p><em><strong></strong></em></p><p><strong>Our manufacturing capabilities are unique: We've already turned the corner</strong></p>

Our manufacturing capabilities are unique: We've already turned the corner

Stampings / Bending Parts

An important part of our product range is stampings. Our excellently equipped prototype design develops practical application solutions. In-house tool design and highly equipped tooling are the basis for our series production on powerful punching and bending machines and presses. We are especially well equipped for large-scale productions.

We also have a number of special facilities - for example for attaching threads or for fully automated assembly.

For example, our manufactured products in mass production are used in the automotive industry or in household appliances. We support our customers with optimal solutions for pre-finished and sophisticated products.

The production of sample parts from CAD data and small batches and pre-production are naturally part of our comprehensive services.

Bendings and stamped parts are manufactured in a material thickness up to a max. 3 mm and material widths up to a max. 100 mm; in all spring materials and special alloys.