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The best springs are Subtil

In German, "Subtil" means fine and nuanced; but it also stands for a conscious and refined approach. Subtil may indeed also sometimes be complicated and tricky to implement. In the end, however, it is always sophisticated - and exhibits great care...

This complex concept is inherent in the name of the Subtil Group. And it represents a portfolio of products and services where the name is the program: With more than 360 skilled employees in three locations, the Subtil Group produces technical springs of all kinds such as Compression Springs, Tension Springs, Torsion Springs, Spring Sleeves, as well as Wire Parts, Stampings / Bending Parts and whole Assemblies of the highest quality.

Together with our strong partners in the field of raw material supply and finishing services such as surface treatment and further services, we offer our customers the most diversified range of products in these areas, all from a single source.

With innovative manufacturing methods and continuous production improvements we not only make today but every day a delight for our customers from all areas of business - and with a high degree of flexibility and high quality standards, together we remain competitive in the global markets.

Not only today, but tomorrow, too...and always...subtle.

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  • Automotive Supply Industry

    Automotive Supply Industry

    Our locking brackets (wire bending parts) are integrated in almost all popular car models in the field of air and liquid flow systems...

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  • Electrical Industry

    Electrical Industry

    Whether our products are used in small electric motors for appliance drives or in transformers and transformer stations for energy use - our customers…

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  • Building Services

    Building Services

    Our products can thus be found in outlets, light switches, controls, lighting and communication systems as well as in sanitary and building installations...

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  • Home Appliances

    Home Appliances

    When switching, controlling and operating equipment, high durability and reliability are factors for success when it comes to branded products...

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  • Machine and Plant Construction

    Machine and Plant Construction

    It's often the smaller, functional parts that prove a great help to designers...

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  • Medical Engineering

    Medical Engineering

    Some components from our company can save lives...

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  • Measurement and Control Technology

    Measurement and Control Technology

    Comfortably warm in the winter, cool in the summer when you're sitting at home. Or in the facilities and factories of an energy supplier - with our products…

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  • Energy Technology

    Energy Technology

    With our products we contribute to making the world a little worth more living in each and every day...

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