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Complicated geometries? Let's get in shape

Wire Parts / Locking Bracket

Diverse manufacturing equipment is available within our group of companies, from traditional punching and bending machines for large scale manufacturing to 3D CNC bending machines, with which we have achieved even the most complex geometries quickly and cost effectively for our customers without significant tooling costs.

Wire moldings or wire springs and wire parts are exclusively manufactured according to customer specifications, mainly from round wire, but also from square or profiled wires.

We also have facilities for spot welding.

The production of locking latches for VDA couplings is a particular strength of our Group. These parts are also known as headbands, clips, or as a tension springs for plastic couplings.

We manufacture all sizes, from the nominal size 6 up to DN 50, both in polished and coated design (Delta Seal black).
Wire is manufactured in sizes from 0.2 to 12 mm.