<p><strong>Tension for the future:<br>Wave springs from Subtil</strong></p>

Tension for the future:
Wave springs from Subtil

Wave springs for every need

The Subtil-Group develops and produces wave springs in various designs:
- multi-layer wave springs (shim ends)
- multi-layer wave springs with plain ends (parallel ends)
- single-layer wave springs
- nested wave springs

The special features of these springs compared to springs made of round wire are:
- lower overall height and thus smaller installation space with the same or higher spring force
- thus possible reduction of the costs of the whole assembly
- large spring deflections in relation to the overall height and linear spring characteristics
- variable force adjustment by changing the wave form or wave height
- wave springs can be designed with narrow radial and axial installation spaces

Our wave springs are made of quality steels with rounded or rolled edges. This significantly reduces the risk of stress cracks caused by sharp edges. Likewise, damage to the shaft or in the bore is virtually eliminated.

We use the following quality spring steels as material:
- Stainless spring steel 1.4310 resp. 1.4401
- Stainless spring steel 1.4568 (17-7 PH)
- Carbon spring steel grade C67/C75
- Carbon spring steel wires of grade SH/DH

We will be happy to advise you on your individual solutions and perform spring calculations! Please contact us...